I am a highly experienced marketer with a focus on bringing order to chaos. My unique background fuses tactical, management, creative, operational, and technical with my extensive experience in marketing, operations, sales development, and media.
The early days

I began my career at Apple where I managed new product readiness, marketing services for our professional support services, and the service provider channel.

Eager to learn from other industries, I joined the agency world with my then-business parter, Martin Jeffery. Together we tackled projects big and small with brands like Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, Mazda, Peugeot, Telus, Koodo, Virgin Mobile, Visa, Partner by Design, and Golf Town.

Looking ahead to the future, we merged with a technology firm that specialized in mobile advertising, which complimented our roster of print and digital work, and eventually was called Adenyo. There we purchased LA-based MoVoxx, and I managed the integration of the 10-person team and their advertising services platform. I played an instrumental role in scaling that business to be later acquired by Seattle-based Motricity for $100MM.

Mobile Power

As mobile and social was taking over the world, I joined the executive team as a senior director of sales development at Motricity. Later when they split their enterprise and media divisions, I took over marketing and led the rebranding and messaging of the newly formed mobile advertising company based in New York City, Voltari.

I've been fortunate enough to work out of Toronto, New York (above), San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.

I've been fortunate enough to work out of Toronto, New York (above), San Fransisco, and Los Angeles.


Agency in my blood

Missing the agency world, I jumped right back in: I worked with the tourism board of Tobago to launch 60 Days in Paradise, largest social travel program in Canada, heavily replying on content marketing.

I worked with Ottawa-based Ackroo to build their marketing services business from scratch to increase wallet-share from current and new customers, along with other clients such as New York-based Travelzoo and Mexico-based Glyko.

Beautiful Tobago!

Beautiful Tobago!

It's a content world

Knowing that the future was about content, I took the skills and experience from my mobile ad days and applied it to native: At Polar I led the marketing team and worked closely with publishers to help educate and strengthen their understand of content marketing and how to monetize native.

At SimpleReach I work with the sales team to create compelling material that helps brands and publishers capitalize on all the reporting available through content marketing to help improve their programs.

I’ve spoken at a number of events and webinars such as IAB, BCON, and Connectiv, and have led many workshops on how to build a native ads program.


What drives me
My fuel

I love to work with brands, publishers, and agencies to help them improve their marketing strategies. Whether it's building a new logo, going to market with a stronger message, or helping craft a rock-solid value prop that an executive team can move forward with, my passion lies in building. That's why I started I Know Tony.

I love to be challenged and eager to adapt my experiences to age-old and new problems. It excites me to help grow teams, and be on the cutting edge of our industry.

I’ve worked with countless brands, which helps me plan and complement brand initiatives with smart strategy.

Not that you asked, but if we're going to be marketing BFFs you should know a bit more about me:

I studied marketing and business in Toronto, and now live in Greektown with my dog, Alati. When I’m not capably leading projects I can most often be found biking by the lake, scoping the deals around Queen West, trying the latest CrossFit WOD, and enjoying everything life has to offer.

In case you're curious: I’m proficient in English and Greek, and carry both a Canadian and European passport, Nexus, and active L-1 USA Visa.

Your turn!