I've spent years agency-side working with a variety of great automotive brands. Projects ranged from new customer acquisition to retention, customer relationship management to after-sales programs, and everything in between.







All were 360-degree projects from design to launch for multi-level print, digital, and mobile marketing campaigns. I managed sales engagement, scope, budget, account management, implementation, metrics, sustaining, and post-project for clients including Volvo, Mazda, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, and SYM. The goal was to deliver on-target and on-time results and included managing the project managers, programmers, and creative teams.




When Peugeot and SYM scooters were ready to debut in Canada, their distributor turned to my agency for help.

Value proposition and dealer launch

  • Crafted the value proposition of selling Peugeot and SYM and investing millions into new dealerships across the country
  • Spent hours putting together dealer revenue forecasts, store layouts, and merchandising kits as part of the value prop
  • Targeted key existing dealers of other lines across Canada to becomes resellers through direct mail and trade advertising
  • Designed a 4-hour dealer launch presentation and held an amazing dealer conference in Quebec City
  • Ran a press launch in Old Quebec City, where press had the opportunity to ride the beautiful beasts across the cobble stone roads and highways
  • Designed and ran the logistics of dealer sign-ups and all the dealer merchandising collateral

Customer launch

  • Created, ran, and optimized a series of customer ads across social sites
  • Created a lifestyles catalogue and incentive program
  • Designed and programmed websites and looked after social channels
  • Managed public relations and other media activities

Customer relationship management program

  • Designed and managed the logistics of the CRM program
  • Welcome package included gift, membership card, and welcome brochure
  • Designed and managed quarterly retention programs to drive traffic back to the local dealers
  • Created referral program to encourage existing owners to recommend Peugeot and SYM to their friends