Since 2007, Polar has provided solutions to publishers. Back when reading news on your phone was an outlandish idea, they helped media giants pioneer the mobile site landscape and let them present rich story-telling experiences on any device their readers chose.

Fast-forward to 2012: responsive site technology was on the rise, low-cost mobile CRM platforms we a dime a dozen, display ad click-thru rates were plummeting. Polar was ready to pivot its business and introduce MediaVoice, the premium natives ad platform for publishers.


The logo was updated to bring a modern, fresh, "flat" look to the brand:


Each product line was given a complimentary identity, and the overall color palette was updated to be lighter:


Each product had it's own message house and value proposition, that can stand alone but also work in unity. All the branding elements worked together.


Customer Profiles

Customer Profiles

After identifying key customer personas, I worked on 3 main projects for sales development:
Best Practices

This series spanned from webinars to presentations, designed to guide existing clients to setup their native ads program, and to demonstrate to prospects why Polar is an industry leader. As a second step, each chapter was also used as an inbound collateral.

Business Services

Too often a publisher doesn't know where to start in preparing their materials. Pulling from my agency and marketing experience, I would work with Polar clients to help their go-to-market strategies, including branding, press, and sales tools.

Native Advertising Mavericks

The intent here was to align Polar with key influencers within the industry (that are also Polar customers). This involved profiling these mavericks on the Polar website and helping them with their speaking opportunities. This aided in SEO and press mentions.


Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Sales Development

  • Redefined the value prop and messaging along with executive team
  • Worked closely with product management to identify key features and competitive differentials
  • Flowed and designed new sales pitch decks and demo scripts
  • Worked with sales team on RFPs
  • Created and delivered thought-leadership pieces to accelerate the sales process

Inbound Marketing

  • Focused on Adwords, re-targeting, and LinkedIn
  • A/B testing, Hubspot CTAs, landing pages
  • Modest budgets
  • Packaged content to encourage clicks (and lead gen)
  • Targeted emails to lead lists (no cold calls!)
  • Used a combination of Salesforce, HubSpot, and Google Analytics for reporting and tracking


  • Big focus on working with press to provide commentary, quotes, as well as contributing articles
  • Repurposed existing content


increase in impressions


increase in inbound leads


average monthly press mentions